Back-to-School 2013

The promotion expires on 9/30/2013 23:59:59 PDT

We are offering free minutes to students, especially new students who just started pursuing their degrees in USA.

The free minutes can be used to call the following countries and regions:

China (mobile and landline), Hong Kong (mobile and landline),  USA/Canada (mobile and landline)

Taiwan (landline),  UK (landline), Germany (landline), France (landline)

For new students, please use coupon code: NEWTOSCHOOL2013  to get 300 minutes per month for 3 months(first year undergraduate and graduate students, please provide more details so that we can verify you are a new student)

For other students, please use coupon code: BACKTOSCHOOL2013 to get 300 minutes.

Please redeem the coupon code here.

The email you provide has to be from a top level EDU domain, e.g. ( and are not qualified)

China (landline and mobile)0.9
US (landline and mobile)1
Canada (landline and mobile)1
India (landline and mobile)1.3
Taiwan (landline)1
Taiwan (mobile)6
Hong Kong (landline and mobile)1.3
South Korea (Landline)1
Malaysia (Landline)1
South Korea (Mobile)3
Macau (landline and mobile)4
Singapore (landline and mobile)1
Japan (Landline)2
Thailand (landline and mobile)1
France (Landline)1
Germany (Landline)1
Denmark (Landline)1
Dominican Republic (Landline)4
Dominican Republic (Mobile)6
Finland (Landline)1
Switzerland (Landline)1
United Kingdom (Landline)1
Spain (Landline)1
Ireland (Landline)1
Greece (Landline)1
Austria (Landline)1
Australia (Landline)1
Norway (Landline)1
Argentina (Landline)1
Belgium (Landline)1
Chile (Landline)1
Croatia (Landline)1
Czech Republic (Landline)1
Estonia (Landline)1
Hungary (Landline)1
Israel (Landline)1
Italy (Landline)1
Italy (Mobile)2
Luxembourg (Landline)1
Netherlands (Landline)1
New Zealand (Landline)1
Norway (Landline)1
Poland (Landline)1
Portugal (Landline)1
Russia (Landline)1
Slovakia (Landline)1
Spain (Landline)1
Sweden (Landline)1
Malaysia (Mobile)3
Indonesia (Landline and Mobile)9
Philippines (Landline and Mobile)13
Vietnam (Landline and Mobile)5
Australia (Mobile)9
Austria (Mobile)5
United Kingdom (Mobile)10
Japan (Mobile)16
France (Mobile)9
UAE (Landline and Mobile)18
United Kingdom (Special)30
Bulgaria Mobile10
Bulgaria Landline3

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