Frequently Asked Questions


How do I access my account online?

Please visit  You need email address and PIN to access your account.

Due to the cost and security concerns, we are not able to provide online account management yet to all our our users. Some users on premium service plan may be able to access their accounts online.

I see only one type of card, why other calling card providers sell different types of cards?

Multiple card is just a trick to force customers to buy more cards unnecessarily.

We have a one-card principle.   The card/PIN is just an account in our system, and this card/PIN/account beats our competitors at calling rate, quality, and features, no matter how many different cards they are selling. Did you figure out multiple cards for calling different countries is just unnecessary if one card can do everything? 

Is your rate one-time promotional rate?

This is our regular rate, which is even lower than some competitors’ promotional rate!

What's your promotional rate?

Hmmm. Our trial card is 1c for 10 to 20 minutes calling; the rate is $0.0005/min to $0.001/min .

How do you keep your rate so low?

This is our business secret, :-) . Low overhead and large volume help drive down our calling rate to bottom low.

How to start using your service?

Please visit our online store.

Do you have any free trial?

Yes! Please buy a trial card (quantity very limited) or I-Wanna-Call trial card for $0.01.

Do I have to use all the trial balance on one call?

No. Please use the trial PIN as if you have a regular account with us. If you have 20 trial minutes to call, you could make 1 20-min call, 10 2-min calls, or 20 1-min calls.

How to contact you?

Please visit here, or send email to Please include your account information (e.g. your PIN) if applicable.  Customers are welcome to report failed/bad quality calls to help us improve the quality.

How to request refund?

Please contact us to send the refund request.  Alternatively, please send email to Refund request has to include the PIN.  If possible, please include the refund reason so that we can improve our service.  We refund the remaining balance by PayPal or Check.

Can I use your service if I don't have PayPal?

Yes! Please checkout using Cash-on-Delivery option, and we will follow up with payment details.

How do you count talking time?

Talking time is counted only after the call is connected. A call is counted by whole minutes (round up), i.e. 18 seconds is counted as 1 minute, and 5 minute 59 seconds is counted as 6 minute.

Can I have access to my calling history?

Yes! Please visit  You need email address and PIN to access your account.

We will send weekly account summary including the remaining balance, the common settings and the complete recent calling history. To ensure email delivery, please add as a trusted domain by your email provider. We will provide online access to the calling history in the new future.

UPDATE: We are temporarily not able to send weekly statements for now due to cost issue. We may be able to resume sending the statements in the near future. Please let us know if you have any concerns on the balance.

Why weekly statement?

We’ve seen so many calling card providers silently deduct(steal)  minutes, BUT WE ARE DIFFERENT. We ensure all minutes are accurately deducted from our customers’ accounts.   We choose weekly statement by default is because most likely one week calling history is available in cell phones, and we encourage our customers to double check their usage.  If you’d like to receive daily or monthly statements, please let us know.

UPDATE: We are temporarily not able to send weekly statements for now due to cost issue. We may be able to resume sending the statements in the near future. Please let us know if you have any concerns on the balance.

I'm already a Google Voice/Skype user, do I need your service?

Yes, because it’s cheaper to make International calls with us (e.g. our China calling rate 0.9c is less than half of Google Voice 2c and Skype 2.3c. Some of our customers use our services regularly, and use their own Google Voice or Skype occasionally.

Your service is great and I'd like to recommend to my friends. However, will this degrade my own quality of service?

Please help recommend our services to your friends. Our cloud-based high availability design allows us to support from 1 to 1M users without any problems. More users bring in more traffic, which drives down the wholesale price we can get from tier 1 VOIP provider, and the lower wholesale rate allows us to reduce the already super-low rate that our customers can enjoy.

If you notice any quality degradation, please let us know.


Should I register?

Yes. Registering at our store helps order processing. However, if you don’t want to register at all and don’t need any tangible item (like the VOIP adapter) delivery, you are welcome to make PayPal payment to us directly. Please visit here for more payment details.

I've purchased a calling card. How/when do I receive the PIN?

Your PIN will be delivered to your registered email address once the payment is received.  Please double check the spam/junk folder if you cannot find the PIN a few minutes after the payment is made.  Please make sure your email provider will not filter emails from

I've purchased a landline subscription. How do I start using it?

If you have your own VOIP adapter, the configuration details will be sent to your registered email address. If you purchased a VOIP adapter from us, you will receive a per-configured (unlocked) adapter within 3 days.  We use USPS priority packing to send adapters.   The tracking number will be sent to you by emails once the adapter is on the way.

In both cases, your account details will be sent to you.  Please make sure your email provider will not filter emails from

How do I refill my account?

Please visit here for more details about refilling. Please note that refill payment will be processed promptly if you are paying from the same PayPal account that was used before.  If you use a different PayPal account, please indicate your primary email address in the comments with the payment.  Recharge payment from a different PayPal account needs to be manually verified and may take up to 12 hours to process.

Why do you need my birthday?

Sorry for asking about it, but we need to ensure all users have to be at least 18-year old to make online purchase.  Furthermore, we may send you birthday gift! 

Why do you need my mailing address?

Mailing address is for tangible items (like the VOIP adapter) delivery.  If you request a refund in check, the check will be delivered to your mailing address, too.  If you are not buying an adapter,  use direct payment to avoid the hassle of providing shipping address, etc.

Calling Card

Why do I have a primary access number?

The primary access number is just one of the many access numbers our users can use.

Each of our access numbers has a physical limit of about 90 concurrent calls.  To ensure all our users will not hit a particular access number at the same time (and hear the busy tone if too many concurrent calls), we assign a primary access number to every user.  The primary access number DOES NOT have to be a local access number.  Please be advised that our users are always welcome to use any access numbers available.

I cannot remember PINs. Can I choose my own PIN?

Yes! Let us know what PIN you’d like to use, and you are all set! Feel free to choose a PIN containing your birthday, lucky numbers, zip code, or anything that you can easily remember.

Please note that PIN should have no less than 10 digits and no more than 15 digits (at most half of digits can be 8s or 6s).

Why the PIN I choose cannot be used?

We are sorry but it seems your PIN is already used by some other users, or it’s too close to a PIN belonging to someone else. Please choose a PIN having your personal numbers, like library card number, birth year, zip code, etc.

How to use PINless calling card?

PINless is automatically enabled. To use PINless, please dial from any phone and enter your PIN only once; the phone is automatically registered for PINless calling.

How many PINless phone numbers can be linked to my card?

By default we allow 20 PINless numbers per account. If you need more, please let us know.

How to disable PINless if I'm calling from someone else's phone?

Please use our access numbers for which the PINless feature is disabled. Please note you have to enter PIN every time you use those access numbers.

How to remove a PINless phone from my card?

Please visit  You need email address and PIN to access your account to make changes on PINless numbers.  Alternatively, please dial ’999-YOURNUMBER’ when prompted to enter the destination number to remove YOURNUMBER as a PINless number. You will hear 3 beeps if it’s successfully removed.

How to dial phone numbers?

For US/Canada, please dial ’1-10DIGITS’ when prompted to enter the destination number. For the rest of the world, please dial ’011+Coutry Code+City Code + PhoneNumber’.  Specifically, for China please visit here

How to use speed dial?

Please call our verbose mode access numbers  and follow the voice prompts to manage speed dial numbers.  Please note that the speed dial numbers should be in the full dialing format, e.g. 01186-10-66665555.

How to use 1-key dial?

Please visit  You need email address and PIN to access your account to make any changes on 1-key dial numbers.  Alternatively, 1-key dial numbers (direct forwarding numbers) are automatically assigned based on your calling pattern.  Your frequently called numbers will be assigned direct forwarding numbers automatically.  If you need to manually add a direct forwarding number, please let us know.  For more details, please visit here.

Can one calling card be used by two or more users at the same time?

Yes! By default a calling card can be used by multiple users at a time.  However, please note that for each ongoing call, $2 is temporarily withheld until the call ends. An account may not be able to support multiple calls at the same time if it doesn’t have enough balance.

Why I have to enter PIN every time?

First please make sure you are calling from your personal mobile or landline phone. To protect our users’ accounts from being misused by strangers, the PINless feature is automatically disabled if the caller ID number is identified as public/shared (school, company, government, public google voice phone or skype number).

So far we’ve confirmed all major mobile phone carries (except Sprint) pass caller ID number correctly to us.

The following landline providers may not pass correct caller ID number to some of our access numbers:

  • Ooma
  • MagicJack
  • Comcast Voice plan
  • iTalkBB
  • Vonage

If you are using the above mentioned landline providers, and you have to enter PIN every time, please contact your landline provider to request correct original Caller ID number passing, or try other access numbers on our website.

How to use your calling card from Canada(China, Taiwan..)?

Please visit here for more details.


How to dial numbers from my landline?

For US/Canada numbers, dial 10-digit or 7 digit if the area code is the same.

For International numbers, dial 011+country code + city code + number, e.g. 011-86-10-66668888.

If China is your frequently calling area, we accept the following way of dialing China numbers:  010-66668888 and 0-1399888777.

If you set your preferred China city code, e.g. 010 for Beijing,  you can dial all Beijing numbers using 8-digit, e.g.  66668888.

Do you support software phone?

Yes! We support any SIP-compatible software phone including but not limited to Xlite, Eyebeam, Bria, Acrobit, Groundwire.  Visit here for downloading supported software phones.

Do you support HD voice?

Yes! Please use a HD voice enabled adapter and phone, or a HD voice enabled software phone to enjoy HD voice. By default HD voice is enabled.

Do you support video call?

Yes! Please use a video capable device. By default video call is disabled; please let us know if you’d like enable video call.

Can I call the calling card access number using your landline?

Yes! However you’d better dial the destination number directly to save time.

Can I call any numbers from my landline?

Yes! Our landline service can reach any number in the world if the associated account has enough balance. If you are on unlimited US/Canada plan, you can reach any US/Canada numbers including Alaska and Hawaii.

Can I port my current landline number to you?

We are sorry that we stopped supporting landline number porting due to some recently failed cases.   We may resume number porting support in the future.  As for now, all new landline users please use local numbers from us.  If you really want to use  your existing number with us, please visit here

Can I cancel my landline anytime?

Yes!  We don’t have any contract at all!  Simply like us know when you want to stop your landline service, and we will deactivate you service at the date you specified.   After your landline service is canceled, we will issue refund of the remaining balance if you want, or convert your account into a calling card account.   The choice is yours!

If you purchased the VOIP adapter from us, we are glad to accept a return for a full refund for the adapter within 3-month.  

I have ooma. How can I take benefits of your services?

Congratulations on your VOIP choice.  Since your landline is already covered, you are welcome to use our International calling service.  Our rate is unbeatable. 


Do you support SIP hardware phone?

Yes! We support any hardware phone with build-in SIP support including but not limited to Cisco, Grandstream, Avaya…

I have my own adapter, can I use it with your services?

Yes! First please make sure your adapter is unlocked, i.e. it can be used with any providers. We support all SIP-compliant VOIP adapters including but not limited Linksys/Cisco Series, Grandstream, Avaya, OBi…

I have an adapter from Vonage(or any other VOIP providers), can I use it with your services?

If it’s unlocked, yes.  If not, please unlock it first.

I want to buy an adapter by myself. What should I buy?

We recommend Linksys(Cisco) PAP2T, which has 2 ports to support 2 phones at the same time.  If you’d like to use your PAP2T with us, your adapter should be UNLOCKED.

I'm confused; what's a unlocked VOIP adapter?

If you don’t know what a unlocked VOIP adapter is,  the short answer is buying one from here, :-) . The long answer is  google, :-) .

Do I need a special device to use my own Google Voice account?

Absolutely NO.  You can use any unlocked VOIP adapter to enjoy your own Google Voice account.  Please note that you adapter has to be connected to our servers, and you have to provide your Google Voice account name and password to us.  If you are familiar with OBi devices, this is the same (you provide account/password to OBi, and connect to OBi servers).

Special Features

How to call US numbers from China (or any other countries)?

We support variable ways of non-US to US calling, and the non-US callers don’t have to pay a cent.

  1. International callback.  The non-US caller dials an US number (001-###-###-####), wait for a busy signal, hang up, and wait for a callback.  Note that the call will never connect and there will be no cost for the callers at all.
  2. Web callback.  Please see the entry below
  3. Email callback.  Please see the entry below
  4. Get another VOIP adapter that connected at the non-US location; the two or more VOIP adapters will share the same account.

We may provide non-US access numbers if necessary.  However, dialing the non-US access numbers may have an extra cost on the callers.

How to use web callback?

Please visit here, and click the flag buttons on the right side panel. We are now supporting US-US, US-China, and US-India callbacks.

How to use email callback?

Please send an email with proper subject line to the callback email address associated with your account, and the call will arrive within 30 seconds. In some extreme cases, the call may arrive up to 6 minutes due to email delivery delays.

Can I set a delay for a callback?

Yes! Use +NUM to set a delay of NUM minutes from now.

Can I set a particular time for a callback?

Yes! Use @YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ to set a callback at a valid future time YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ. If timezone is not specified, it’s US Pacific Time.

Why Web callback doesn't show up?

Please update your browser to the latest version.

How to call from skype?

If you use skype, please call the skype ID that is posted in your account summary. If  you don’t have such a skype ID, please let us know. Note skype calling is PINless as well; you need to enter your PIN only once from a new skype ID.

Can I use my own Google Voice account?

Yes!  We call it BYOGV (Bring Your Own Google Voice) If you use your own Google Voice account, your US/Canada calls will be using your Google Voice account. Your International calls will be routed through us (e.g. 0.9c/min to 1.3c/min to China at the same or better quality), or through Google Voice (e.g. 2c/min to China) if your Talk86 account balance is low.  Please note that you have to provide your Google Voice account and password to us so that we can provision your Google Voices calls.

Do I have to use a specific type of VOIP adapter to use Google Voice with Talk86?

No. We support any SIP compliant VOIP adapter including OBi series, Linksys PAP2, Cisco SPA series and Grandstream series.  We also support software SIP phones. 

Do I have to use a specific codec with Talk86?

We support popular voice codecs.  Particularly, we support G729 but don’t require it.

Do you display the caller ID name?

If the caller ID is identified as an existing Talk86 user, we display the name.  Otherwise we will display the geographical location of the caller.

My International calls will use Google Voice or Talk86?

By default, the International calls will go through Talk86. If your Talk86 account does not have enough balance, we will use your Google Voice account.

I am a BYOGV Ehnanced Plan user, how can I get a VOIP forwarding number from Talk86?

We will add a VOIP number into your Google Voice named Talk86.   Please do not change or delete it.

What if Google Voice decides to charge for US/Canada calls in 2015?

Please switch to one of our landline plans, and you are covered.