Misc Feature Rate

Replace lost/stolen PINFREE.
Remaining balance will be 100% refunded within 14 days
Provisioning additional VOIP adapters$2/month/each
Landline numbersFREE one US landline number
$2/month for each additional number
Change landline numberFREE every 6-month
$3/change if last change was less than 6-month ago
Keep landline number during vacation. No incoming and outgoing calls.$1/month
Change landline planFREE every 6-month
$10/change if last change was less than 6-month ago
Landline Number Porting$50/number
Multiple-way callingFREE 3-way calling
$1/month for each additional way up to 10-way
Direct Inward Dialing Number (DID)$1/month (US/Canada)
No Setup Fee
Exclusive calling card access number$1/month (US/Canada)
Exclusive direct forwarding number$1/month (US/Canada)
PAYG forwarding call rate.
SIP access FREE (SIP account required)
Skype calling (no Skype credit required)base rate + max(10% of base rate, 0.1c/min)
e.g. 1c/min for calling China through Skype
Direct forwarding calls (1-key dial)base rate + max(10% of base rate, 0.1c/min)
e.g. 1c/min for China direct forwarding calls.
Callback callsCost of two legs.
e.g China <-> US, the rate per minute is 0.009+0.01= $0.019
Exclusive callback number$1/month
Use Toll Free for Calling CardBase rate + $0.025
HD voiceFREE.
Normal calling rate may apply.
Web CallFREE.
Normal calling rate may apply.
Email CallFREE.
Normal calling rate may apply.
Normal calling rate may apply.
Landline only features:
  • Call waiting
  • voice message
  • Do-not-call-list
  • Incoming Call ID(number and name)

  • Voicemail
  • Call with different Caller ID
Voicemail Transcript (beta)10c/each
Emergency Forwarding NumberFREE
E911$1.8 one time setup fee
Send International SMS5c/SMS
Receive International SMS2c/SMS
China (landline and mobile)0.9
US (landline and mobile)1
Canada (landline and mobile)1
India (landline and mobile)1.3
Taiwan (landline)1
Taiwan (mobile)6
Hong Kong (landline and mobile)1.3
South Korea (Landline)1
Malaysia (Landline)1
South Korea (Mobile)3
Macau (landline and mobile)4
Singapore (landline and mobile)1
Japan (Landline)2
Thailand (landline and mobile)1
France (Landline)1
Germany (Landline)1
Denmark (Landline)1
Dominican Republic (Landline)4
Dominican Republic (Mobile)6
Finland (Landline)1
Switzerland (Landline)1
United Kingdom (Landline)1
Spain (Landline)1
Ireland (Landline)1
Greece (Landline)1
Austria (Landline)1
Australia (Landline)1
Norway (Landline)1
Argentina (Landline)1
Belgium (Landline)1
Chile (Landline)1
Croatia (Landline)1
Czech Republic (Landline)1
Estonia (Landline)1
Hungary (Landline)1
Israel (Landline)1
Italy (Landline)1
Italy (Mobile)2
Luxembourg (Landline)1
Netherlands (Landline)1
New Zealand (Landline)1
Norway (Landline)1
Poland (Landline)1
Portugal (Landline)1
Russia (Landline)1
Slovakia (Landline)1
Spain (Landline)1
Sweden (Landline)1
Malaysia (Mobile)3
Indonesia (Landline and Mobile)9
Philippines (Landline and Mobile)13
Vietnam (Landline and Mobile)5
Australia (Mobile)9
Austria (Mobile)5
United Kingdom (Mobile)10
Japan (Mobile)16
France (Mobile)9
UAE (Landline and Mobile)18
United Kingdom (Special)30
Bulgaria Mobile10
Bulgaria Landline3

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