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Our landline is a VOIP(Voice Over IP) service.  We provide US local numbers for major US cities including but not limited to SF Bay Area, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC…

Our monthly subscription rate is as low as $3 for Pay-As-You-Go (see calling rate for more details), and up to $15 for unlimited US/Canada/China/40 more countries plan.  If you have landline with us, you don’t need to buy separate calling cards any more, since all landline plans come with calling card support.

Please visit our store if you are interested in our landline services.  If needed, landline subscribers should buy a VOIP phone adapter from us, and Bring-Your-Own-Device is also supported.

Calls between Talk86 landlines users are always free.

See how we compare with our competitors.

** unlimited US/Canada includes 3000 US/Canada minutes.  If over the limit, the enhanced plan rate applies.  For residential usage only.

*** unlimited World includes 3000 minutes: 1500 minutes to call China + more than 40  countries (excluding India), and 1500 minutes to call US/Canada.  If over the limit, the basic plan rate applies.  For residential usage only.

Buy landline plan

China (landline and mobile)0.9
US (landline and mobile)1
Canada (landline and mobile)1
India (landline and mobile)1.3
Taiwan (landline)1
Taiwan (mobile)6
Hong Kong (landline and mobile)1.3
South Korea (Landline)1
Malaysia (Landline)1
South Korea (Mobile)3
Macau (landline and mobile)4
Singapore (landline and mobile)1
Japan (Landline)2
Thailand (landline and mobile)1
France (Landline)1
Germany (Landline)1
Denmark (Landline)1
Dominican Republic (Landline)4
Dominican Republic (Mobile)6
Finland (Landline)1
Switzerland (Landline)1
United Kingdom (Landline)1
Spain (Landline)1
Ireland (Landline)1
Greece (Landline)1
Austria (Landline)1
Australia (Landline)1
Norway (Landline)1
Argentina (Landline)1
Belgium (Landline)1
Chile (Landline)1
Croatia (Landline)1
Czech Republic (Landline)1
Estonia (Landline)1
Hungary (Landline)1
Israel (Landline)1
Italy (Landline)1
Italy (Mobile)2
Luxembourg (Landline)1
Netherlands (Landline)1
New Zealand (Landline)1
Norway (Landline)1
Poland (Landline)1
Portugal (Landline)1
Russia (Landline)1
Slovakia (Landline)1
Spain (Landline)1
Sweden (Landline)1
Malaysia (Mobile)3
Indonesia (Landline and Mobile)9
Philippines (Landline and Mobile)13
Vietnam (Landline and Mobile)5
Australia (Mobile)9
Austria (Mobile)5
United Kingdom (Mobile)10
Japan (Mobile)16
France (Mobile)9
UAE (Landline and Mobile)18
United Kingdom (Special)30
Bulgaria Mobile10
Bulgaria Landline3

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