Simple is Beautiful

Entering long International numbers is error-prone. With us, calling International numbers is as easy as possible, and it’s hard to enter a wrong number!

China Mode

We have a set of rules to help simplify China number dialing. To dial any China numbers, just dial as if you are dialing a long distance number in China. For example, to dial 011861099998888, just dial 01099998888; to dial 0118613966668888, just dial 013966668888. Our system will automatically extend the dialed China numbers to the International format (01186############).

If you have a preset city code, e.g. 010, to dial 011861099998888, just dial 99998888, and we automatically dial 011861099998888 for you.

We also automatically correct wrong number if possible. E.g. If we see number like 11861099998888, we will convert it to 011861099998888 automatically.

Speed Dial

Please use our verbose mode access number, and follow voice prompt to setup the speed dial numbers. Each user can set up to 9 speed dial numbers: 1# to 9#.

Do you know 0# will automatically dial the last dialed number?

Direct Forwarding

The easiest way of dialing International numbers is using direct forwarding. Just save your direct forwarding numbers as regular contacts in your phone, and next time just call the domestic number to reach the International number DIRECTLY: 1-key dial and no PIN at all.

We will automatically allocate direct forwarding numbers based on your calling history. For each speed dial number, we will automatically allocate a direct forwarding number, and we will also look through the calling history to assign new direct forwarding numbers (up to 10; let us know if you need more).