Talk86 and Google Voice

If you have Google Voice, you are welcome to use your Google Voice number as the landline number with us.

You will enjoy free US/Canada calling by Google Voice and our super low rate to the rest of the world at the same time.  Even if Google Voice starts charging for US/Canada calling in 2015, you will be covered by us.

You need an unlocked VOIP adapter to use your Google Voice number as your landline number.  You also need to provide your Google Voice account name and password to us, and your Google Voice account should be associated with a gmail account. Please ensure that the Google Voice account is for the Google Voice service only, and do not share your primary Google account with anybody.  We support up to 8 Google Voice accounts per landline user.  If you need more numbers, please let us know.

Please note that you need at least a $3/month plan to use your own Google Voice number with us, or we can provide you a Google Voice number.  The monthly subscription is to offset the cost to provision your Google Voice account at our servers, and you also have access to a much lower International calling rate with a monthly subscription plan with us.  We may provide a forwarding VOIP number to you if needed.  You will also have access to International forwarding number and International SMS support。

For users who are familiar with Google Voice and would like to use their own forwarding numbers,   you do not need any subscription plan with us.  However, you need to pay a month SIP access fee of $1 (which is waived for the first month for trial purposes).

If you are using your own Google Voice account, your US/Canada minutes is bounded by Google Voice limit (if any) and excluded from our monthly bill. If Google Voice starts charging in 2015 for US/Canada calls, the US/Canada minutes will be billed according to our monthly plan (the rate table can be found here).

We support FAX.

UPDATE: Please note that Talk86 users who use their Google Voice accounts with us are not affected after 5/15/2014.

China (landline and mobile)0.9
US (landline and mobile)1
Canada (landline and mobile)1
India (landline and mobile)1.3
Taiwan (landline)1
Taiwan (mobile)6
Hong Kong (landline and mobile)1.3
South Korea (Landline)1
Malaysia (Landline)1
South Korea (Mobile)3
Macau (landline and mobile)4
Singapore (landline and mobile)1
Japan (Landline)2
Thailand (landline and mobile)1
France (Landline)1
Germany (Landline)1
Denmark (Landline)1
Dominican Republic (Landline)4
Dominican Republic (Mobile)6
Finland (Landline)1
Switzerland (Landline)1
United Kingdom (Landline)1
Spain (Landline)1
Ireland (Landline)1
Greece (Landline)1
Austria (Landline)1
Australia (Landline)1
Norway (Landline)1
Argentina (Landline)1
Belgium (Landline)1
Chile (Landline)1
Croatia (Landline)1
Czech Republic (Landline)1
Estonia (Landline)1
Hungary (Landline)1
Israel (Landline)1
Italy (Landline)1
Italy (Mobile)2
Luxembourg (Landline)1
Netherlands (Landline)1
New Zealand (Landline)1
Norway (Landline)1
Poland (Landline)1
Portugal (Landline)1
Russia (Landline)1
Slovakia (Landline)1
Spain (Landline)1
Sweden (Landline)1
Malaysia (Mobile)3
Indonesia (Landline and Mobile)9
Philippines (Landline and Mobile)13
Vietnam (Landline and Mobile)5
Australia (Mobile)9
Austria (Mobile)5
United Kingdom (Mobile)10
Japan (Mobile)16
France (Mobile)9
UAE (Landline and Mobile)18
United Kingdom (Special)30
Bulgaria Mobile10
Bulgaria Landline3

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