Why Talk86?

We’ve been calling card users, and we do not like the practice of most calling card companies. The bad practice includes but is not limited to:

  • bad quality caused by over selling
  • not able to make calls at peak times
  • not refundable
  • if your PIN is lost/stolen, you lose all your balance
  • over-priced, 1.8c/min to China is claimed to be ‘cheap’
  • no calling records, and minutes disappear for no reason
  • cheat on minutes, e.g. start charging right after ring instead call connected, and charge on unconnected calls
  • no or very little customer services. Once the card is sold to you, you are on your own.
  • card has expire date, and often expires weeks or months before the claimed expiration date

With Talk86, you’ve got a much better calling card services that

  • Low rate
  • Never Expires
  • High Quality
  • Cloud-based: high availability and performance
  • Peak time handling (e.g. Spring Festivals)
  • Online management
  • Rechargeable
  • No hidden fees
  • No stolen minutes
  • No cheating on anything at all
China (landline and mobile)0.9
US (landline and mobile)1
Canada (landline and mobile)1
India (landline and mobile)1.3
Taiwan (landline)1
Taiwan (mobile)6
Hong Kong (landline and mobile)1.3
South Korea (Landline)1
Malaysia (Landline)1
South Korea (Mobile)3
Macau (landline and mobile)4
Singapore (landline and mobile)1
Japan (Landline)2
Thailand (landline and mobile)1
France (Landline)1
Germany (Landline)1
Denmark (Landline)1
Dominican Republic (Landline)4
Dominican Republic (Mobile)6
Finland (Landline)1
Switzerland (Landline)1
United Kingdom (Landline)1
Spain (Landline)1
Ireland (Landline)1
Greece (Landline)1
Austria (Landline)1
Australia (Landline)1
Norway (Landline)1
Argentina (Landline)1
Belgium (Landline)1
Chile (Landline)1
Croatia (Landline)1
Czech Republic (Landline)1
Estonia (Landline)1
Hungary (Landline)1
Israel (Landline)1
Italy (Landline)1
Italy (Mobile)2
Luxembourg (Landline)1
Netherlands (Landline)1
New Zealand (Landline)1
Norway (Landline)1
Poland (Landline)1
Portugal (Landline)1
Russia (Landline)1
Slovakia (Landline)1
Spain (Landline)1
Sweden (Landline)1
Malaysia (Mobile)3
Indonesia (Landline and Mobile)9
Philippines (Landline and Mobile)13
Vietnam (Landline and Mobile)5
Australia (Mobile)9
Austria (Mobile)5
United Kingdom (Mobile)10
Japan (Mobile)16
France (Mobile)9
UAE (Landline and Mobile)18
United Kingdom (Special)30
Bulgaria Mobile10
Bulgaria Landline3

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